Tané Announces First Close of Approximately $8 Million to Invest in Web3 Startups Dubai, New York, and Tokyo-based Web3 incubator of serial entrepreneurs and engineers support Web3 projects.

January 28, 2023

Dubai, New York City, and Tokyo, - Tané, a Web3 incubator based in Dubai, New York, and Tokyo, announces approximately $8 million in financing today. Investors include DEEPCORE Inc., XTech Ventures Co. Ltd, DeNA Co. Ltd, B Dash Ventures Inc., and individual investors. Tané makes investments and business contributions to seed and early-stage Web3 startups and projects under the leadership of Managing Partner Ikuma Mutobe, a serial entrepreneur in Japan.

Some key features of the company include:

1: Contribution by experienced and proven builders

Tané members have extensive experience in entrepreneurship, finance, engineering, and business development. They also have a wide range of practical experience with Web3 projects, including developing Web3 services and tokenomics. These experienced members will provide both business and financial support.

2: Active globally Dubai, New York, and Tokyo

Dubai, New York, and Tokyo are the bases of our core members. We will support Web3 projects attracting global attention from these three locations.

3: Focus Areas

Investments and contributions will be provided in the following areas:

Infrastructure (Layer 1 and Layer 2 blockchain), privacy, cross-chain solutions, security, consumer applications x tokenomics, DAO, NFT, Defi.

Tané Portfolio and Contributions

“The essence of Web3 is "empowerment for individuals” that has been promoted by the Internet. As the Web3 infrastructure becomes more widespread, individuals will be able to control their own assets and data, which will make the world better,” said Ikuma Mutobe, Managing partner of Tané.“ Through the experience in the Web3 industry that I have been involved in, I realized that investors need to make practical contributions, not just make investments. Tané plans to invest in and contribute to projects that make the world a better place.”

Investors in this round include DEEPCORE Inc., XTech Ventures Co. Ltd, DeNA Co. Ltd, and individual investors.


"Tané has a team of engineers and designers, led by a partner with experience in tokenomics design, and as a builder's incubator, is able to support Web3 projects from the beginning. Mr. Mutobe has not only expertise in the Web3 industry, but also experience in a wide range of areas, including major business companies, the financial industry, the startup industry, and entrepreneurial experience, and his multifaceted perspective and sense of balance are also strengths of the team," said Katsumasa Niki, President & CEO of DEEPCORE Inc. "They are also working on uncovering investment and business opportunities by analyzing transaction data using AI. We are confident that Tané will become an indispensable incubator in the global web3 ecosystem."


Shinichi Saijo, General Partner/Co-Founder, and Rikuo Yamaki, Junior associate of XTech Ventures Co. Ltd, added, "Mr. Mutobe has strong execution skills as a business leader. I am very pleased to be working with him in the Web3 industry, one of the most innovative industries, and I look forward to the birth of a startup that succeeds globally from Japan."


Tomoko Namba, Founder and Executive Chairman of DeNA Co. Ltd, stated, "We are thrilled to be able to contribute to the development of the web3 industry through Tané Labs, led by Mr. Mutobe and Mr. Oishi. The web3 field can be controversial and see significant differences of opinion. As insiders in the global web3 community, including Dubai and New York, the team at Tané Labs has a keen eye for the real thing, and we are looking forward to seeing them create new value."

Ikuma Mutobe

Ikuma is a Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Tané. Before Tané, He had been an entrepreneur since 2009 in the consumer internet space, founded Eyeglasses e-commerce and social network for neighborhoods in Japan. Before being an entrepreneur, he was involved in investment and M&A at SoftBank and UBS Investment Bank.

Involved in the Bitcoin community since 2014, actively investing and participating in DeFi, Blue-chip NFT and DAO. Supporting tokenomics design, and fundraising for multiple crypto/web3 projects.

Team Members

About Tané

Tané is an incubator specializing in the Web3 industry based in Dubai, New York, and Tokyo. Tané invests in and provides business support to seed and early-stage Web3, blockchain, and crypto-related startups and projects.

Website: tané.com

Twitter: twitter.com/tanelabs