Tané Selected as a Member of the Grants Council for Optimism Collective

June 26, 2024
Shoji Tateno

June 26, 2024 - Tané, operating in New York, Dubai, and Tokyo, announces its selection as a member of the Optimism Grants Council for Season 6.

In partnership with a16z, Tané has been participating in the operation of the DAO governance of Optimism, which holds assets worth $3.7B USD*. (detail)(*on June 23rd) We believe the acknowledgement of Tané's contribution to Optimism’s DAO governance has led to our successful election.

The Optimism Grants Program provides funding for projects that have the potential to contribute to the development of the Optimism ecosystem. It is one of the most crucial areas of Optimism's governance.

Tané has been selected as a Mission Reviewer on the Grants Council, responsible for evaluating various grant proposals submitted to advance the Optimism ecosystem. This role includes assessing and recommending proposals that align with Optimism’s goals and values.

Along with other members of the Grants Council, Tané will contribute to the Optimism ecosystem through participation in governance.

About Tané

Tané is a global incubator and infrastructure company specializing in Crypto/Blockchain. We invest in and support innovative projects, and contribute to the ecosystem through its investment arm, validator node operations for blockchains, and global DAO governance support.

DAO governance is a critical mechanism for decentralizing decision-making and empowering individuals. Tané with its members' extensive experience as serial entrepreneurs and product managers, is committed to contributing as delegates to the governance of Optimism and other globally growing DAOs such as Arbitrum, Lido, and Uniswap.

Job Opportunities

Tané is committed to empowering individuals and achieving decentralization with blockchain through its DAO governance and validator operations.

We are looking for individuals interested in the following fields to join our team:

  • Infrastructure engineers and software engineers interested in validator operations
  • Companies and individuals interested in validator operations and DAO governance
  • Protocol Researchers interested in blockchain technology

If you are interested, please get in touch with us through here:


For more details on hiring: Tané - Hiring