Tané Summit #0 Event Recap

April 11, 2024
Shoji Tateno

In late March, nearly 50 builders and researchers at the forefront of blockchain gathered in Tokyo for Tané Summit #0 to discuss cutting-edge topics and challenges in various fields. Here's an overview and recap of the event.


The event was held on March 31st at WeWork Shibuya Scramble Square.

The purpose was to bring together crypto entrepreneurs, builders, researchers, and companies to engage in serious discussions, learn from each other, and generate new insights by leveraging their respective expertise, rather than focusing solely on networking.

Speakers and Agenda


The event covered a wide range of topics, including not only themes commonly discussed in Web3-specific communities such as Data Availability, MEV, liquidity fragmentation, and meme coins, but also challenges in bringing existing large-scale IPs onto the blockchain and the use of NFTs in the food and beverage industry, encompassing initiatives beyond Web3.

Introducing some of the content from the day, Oshitani from Nethermind presented on Data Availability Sampling, a crucial element for scaling Data Availability. Data Availability Sampling employs techniques similar to those used in CD data storage and restoration to reduce the actual amount of data that needs to be stored while maintaining efficiency and security. It was also mentioned that the design choices here significantly impact the decentralization and security of Ethereum and Celestia as Data Availability Layers.

In a dialogue session between DeNA's trivia.tech team and our co-founder Mutobe, they shared insights on maintaining a sense of speed as a project within a large corporation. They also discussed the psychological changes in users observed in the rise of meme coins and the potential paradigm shift in game development, suggesting that retention rates may not be the primary focus.

All the other sessions featured highly sophisticated presentations as well. Furthermore, the participants, mainly those actively involved in Web3, continued to engage in in-depth discussions during the networking session at the end of the event.

The event provided not only cutting-edge industry knowledge but also a platform for sharing insights and learnings gained through practical engagement. It offered valuable suggestions on what initiatives can be undertaken as a player in the field, beyond simply learning about the topics.

We express our deepest gratitude to all the speakers and participants. We are committed to continuing such activities in Japan, providing builders, researchers, and others with essential opportunities to access cutting-edge discussions.


At Tané, we will continue to contribute to enhancing decentralization through our activities as a fund and network operations (node operator, DAO governance).

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