Tané Summit #1, as a side event of EDCON

July 11, 2024
Shoji Tateno

Join Tané Summit #1, where entrepreneurs, builders, and researchers in the diverse field of crypto space come together to discuss the latest initiatives, technologies, and ideas.

The event will feature talks from pioneers in diverse fields such as (Re)staking, ZK, FHE, MEV, data availability, AI, and privacy.

This will enable us to understand the rapid changes occurring simultaneously across various sectors of crypto and stay ahead of emerging trends.


Through participating in numerous crypto events worldwide, we've found particular value in research-focused and entrepreneur-centered events. The connections, discussions, and learnings from these events have been crucial to our growth.

As such events are still relatively scarce in Japan, we decided to organize one in our home country, taking advantage of the opportunity presented by EDCON.

Our aims are:

  • To foster active discussions among participants and speakers, ensuring everyone leaves with deep insights.
  • To learn deeply ourselves as participants, even more so than other attendees.
  • To provide a growth opportunity for early-stage entrepreneurs and researchers, who can potentially make a significant contribution to the core ecosystem, especially those from Japan.
  • To contribute to the crypto ecosystem in both Japan and worldwide.

We've already succeeded in creating venues for intense discussions through builder-centric events like MEV Day and Tané Summit #0.

This time, we're hosting Tané Summit #1 as an even more enhanced event.


We will have an incredible lineup of speakers from around the world who are at the cutting edge of their respective fields.

※alphabetical order


Diego FerrerSolutions Engineer at Celestia

Theme: “Building Applications as Rollups

Celestia has been a leading force in modular blockchain. It is characterized by high scalability and security, serving as a crucial foundation for businesses and dapp projects developing their own rollups. Diego has experience in blockchain development and smart contract development for projects such as NFT marketplaces. Since last year, he has been working as a Solutions Engineer at Celestia.


Gajesh Naik, Senior Software Engineer at Eigen Labs

Theme: “Hello, EigenWorld

EigenLayer has been consistently at the center of market discussions for nearly a year. Not only the expected yields through restaking, but also the security provided to middleware through restaking, are becoming fundamental innovations in blockchain technology.

Gajesh has built a remarkable career in crypto, from contributing to Solana and LayerZero to being a Senior Software Engineer at Eigen Labs.


Alex Watts, CEO of FastLane Labs

Theme: “App-internalized MEV

FastLane provides an MEV protocol used by 70% of Polygon's validators, making it a true leader in the MEV space. They are also planning to release a protocol called Atlas as an MEV solution for EVM blockchains such as Ethereum.

Alex, the founder and CEO of FastLane, is tackling this field with a background in traditional finance, including a previous role as Vice President at Merrill Lynch.


Guy ItzhakiCEO of Fhenix

Theme: “FHE Rollups and Coprocessors in Action

Fhenix is a pioneer in the development and application of Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE), aiming to bring privacy to Ethereum. Since its founding last year, it has quickly raised $22M.

Fhenix was founded by two 'Guy' who are considered the go-to experts for blockchain x privacy. Guy Itzhaki, who will be speaking at this event, served as the director of blockchain confidentiality at Intel for many years. The other founder, also named Guy, is the founder of Enigma and Secret.


Leona Hioki, Co-founder of INTMAX

INTMAX is a stateless zkRollup aiming to achieve ultimate scalability for Ethereum. Mentioned in Vitalik's blog as "Crazy" and a "Totally weird idea," it stands out among numerous Rollups for its unique technology.

Founder Leona Hioki is a leading cryptography expert from Japan. After years of researching Plasma, a scalability solution for Ethereum, he is now dedicated to realizing his mission as the founder of INTMAX.


Samuel Chong,  Lido Community Lifeguard

Theme: “2 ETH home staking and Lido CSM

Lido is Ethereum's largest liquid staking protocol, with a Total Value Locked (TVL) exceeding 30 billion USD (as of July 10). Validator decentralization is a crucial challenge for Ethereum. To increase this decentralization, Lido is advancing initiatives like the Community Staking Module to increase the number of individual and small-scale validators. The Lido Community Lifeguard supports these efforts as a contributor group of Lido.

Samuel launched Stakesaurus in 2023 and, as a Lido Community Lifeguard, has been working to support individuals and small-scale node operators in setting up and operating their own nodes.


Ventali Tan, Co-founder of Lita

Lita is currently the most dynamic project in the field of zkVM, which is attracting significant attention. While utilizing zero-knowledge proofs (ZKP) typically requires specialized knowledge and complex programming, Lita provides Valida, a zkVM that makes ZKP generation quick and easy.

Ventali has accumulated extensive experience as one of the world's top experts in the field of cryptography. Previously, she co-founded Dalendum, a cryptography research institute. Dalendum houses many talented and experienced researchers, covering areas such as zk-SNARKs.


Julija Bainiaksina, Founder of MiniMe ai

Minime ai is an AI service to create digital twins of individuals, enabling these digital counterparts to handle various interactions on behalf of the user. For experts and notable figures, having their digital twin respond can help scale their expertise and influence more effectively.

Julija holds a PhD in Machine Learning from University College London (UCL), the same institution associated with DeepMind (which was later acquired by Google). She also has entrepreneurial experience in fashion e-commerce and has served as a venture partner at a venture capital firm.


Martin Tang, Co-founder of Privasea

Theme: “Leveraging DePIN to Drive Mass Adoption of AI and Web3

Privasea is a project that leverages Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) to enhance privacy protection and security in AI applications. The founder, David, previously served as CPO of a self-driving car startup, indicative of the team's strength in both AI and blockchain domains.

Martin, who will be speaking at the event, has experienced various aspects of blockchain business, including exchanges, venture capital, and startups. He currently serves as the Cofounder and CMO of Privasea.


Harry Gao, Founder of Luban

Theme: “Preconf from the lens of blockspace futures”

Luban is a blockspace derivative project, focusing on preconfirmation. Preconfirmation has been an important topic within Ethereum ecosystem as it can provide fast finality to users, and Harry will be giving a presentation on how blockspace derivatives can support preconfirmation.


SSV Network

SSV is a project that implements Distributed Validator Technology (DVT). By distributing KeyShares across multiple operators, it enables Ethereum validation that is resilient to failures. This eliminates single points of failure and enhances the overall security of validator keys. It's already been adopted by platforms like Lido, supporting a more decentralized and robust Ethereum staking ecosystem.


Andrew Macpherson, Shtuka Research

Theme: “Blockspace Markets and Preconf Premia

Shtuka Research conducts research and consultation in areas such as blockchain mechanism design, having received grants from entities like Flashbots and CoW Swap.

Andrew holds a PhD in mathematics and has conducted research at multiple research institutions. Since 2023, he has been active as part of Shtuka Research.


Daiki Ishikawa, Founder of Toki

Theme: “The multi-prover security using TEEs and ZKPs for the IBC bridge

Toki is a project that provides interoperability solutions, including practical ZK-IBC. They have also formed a technical partnership with Progmat, a digital securities issuance and management platform which originated from Mitsubishi Trust Bank in Japan.

The founder, Daiki Ishikawa, has served as the business development lead at Datachain since 2018. He possesses high expertise in interoperability solutions for CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currencies), stablecoins, and security tokens.

Date and Place

  • July 28th, 10:00 - 19:00
  • Shibuya, Tokyo (Details will be shared after the approval of your participation)



Lido : Sponsor

Lido is the world's largest liquid staking protocol, with a Total Value Locked of approximately USD 29.8B (as of July 8th, according to DeFi Llama).

Lido users can stake their ETH with Lido to earn rewards for supporting the security of the Ethereum network while also having the flexibility to engage in other investments.


Coincheck, Inc. : Sponsor

Coincheck, Inc. operates the crypto asset trading service "Coincheck," which has been "Japan's No.1*" downloaded trading app for five consecutive years.

The company's mission is "Making Exchange of New Value Easier" by providing better services based on the latest technology and advanced security measures.

Supported by App Tweak from January 2019 to December 2023.


bitbank, Inc. : Sponsor

Bitbank is one of the largest crypto asset exchanges in Japan* with 38 trading pairs, accounting for approximately 45.6% of all domestic altcoin trading volume.

ISMS certified, Bitbank abides by the financial regulation standard prescribed by the Japanese FSA.

Kanto Local Finance Bureau (Crypto asset exchange) license registration No. 00004


DeNA Co., Ltd. : Event Partner

-We delight people beyond their wildest dreams.-

We will be the world’s premier provider of internet, AI and Blockchain technology to delight people everywhere.

We seek to entertain and enrich lives, and to serve and make the world a better place.

Each of us harnesses our individual strengths to make our unique business succeed.


Please apply from the Luma page: https://lu.ma/ygxylpom

The responses to this form will be carefully reviewed. If the number of applicants exceeds the venue capacity, participation will be determined based on these responses.

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